Revolutionising Wound Care

SolasCure’s mission is to support healthcare professionals with wound care products that significantly improve the health and wellbeing of patients with chronic wounds.


Our first product, Aurase, is a hydrogel containing a safe, active, highly-specific enzyme, isolated and cloned from medical maggots.


Aurase was developed to find a solution to painful and/or ineffective debridement procedures such as surgical or autolytic debridement.


Aurase is meant to ease the management of chronic wound processes for hospitals, nursing homes or homecare.


Through biomimicry, Aurase illustrates the enormous and still largely untapped potential of biodiversity.

Wounds are an under recognised and poorly managed modern health care problem. A focused and integrated approach to managing the problem can have a huge impact on patients outcomes. The need for better diagnostic and therapeutic strategies is urgent and will impact on a problem that consumes around 10% of health care expenditure in many countries.

Professor Keith Harding


Our Story

SolasCure was born in 2017 as a spin-off from BRAIN, a leading German biotech company, with the goal of developing innovative, high-quality wound care products. 

Chronic wounds are a massive problem in Europe and other parts of the world, with more than 40 million cases worldwide. Demographic factors such as aging populations and rising prevalence of obesity, diabetes and malnutrition are all causing this figure to rise. 

BRAIN and SolasCure’s researchers have developed a new product, Aurase, to help patients with chronic wounds. The active principle is to combine autolytic debridement with an enzyme modelled on the maggots of the common green bottle fly, leveraging centuries-old knowledge that open wounds infected with these maggots heal better.

SolasCure has assembled a team that combines deep subject matter expertise in wound care with seasoned operators with successful track records in bringing products to market. 


Introductory Video*


* Aurase is a medical device under investigation. It is not available for sale or commercial distribution anywhere in the world.