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SolasCure named a UK Life Sciences Innovator 2023 by the UK’s Department for International Trade

SolasCure, a Cambridge-based biotech company developing revolutionary wound-cleaning
technology, has been named a UK Life Sciences Innovator in a showcase sponsored by the UK’s
Department for International Trade.

Following a rigorous application process, SolasCure has been selected as a cutting-edge company in
the Biopharma & Vaccines category and joins a community of UK businesses bringing innovative
solutions to an international market.

This is significant recognition of SolasCure’s propriety technology that aims to leverage biomimicry
and evidence-based medicine to develop revolutionary wound care treatments.

SolasCure CEO Sam Bakri said: “We are incredibly proud to have been chosen for the showcase, and
be a part of this select, pioneering community at the forefront of life science innovation.
We look forward to engaging with the DIT throughout the year, engaging in new partnerships and
opportunities that help further our cause to find a new solution for wound care treatments.”

The news follows SolasCure’s publication of its preclinical results with the International Wound
Journal, showing preliminary evidence that supports its new enzymatic debridement
product for use in chronic wounds.